Hair Guide


Approximately 3 months after delivery, or after ceasing to breastfeed, hair that was not shed during your pregnancy can begin to fall. This is because your levels of oestrogen, the hormone that was keeping your hair in its growing phase, drops and return to normal.

However, not all women experience post-partum hair loss - an estimated 50% do - and it may also occur with one pregnancy but not another. If you do experience post-partum hair fall, try not to worry – it’s a normal and natural process that you can’t prevent. Any extra hair fall you notice should stop within 10-12 weeks.

Remember, the hairs coming out are just the ones that were meant to come out before. But if your hair loss persists, there may be an underlying cause, such as diet, stress or hormonal imbalances. Please feel free to consult us should you need further advice.